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Hi, I'm Trey!

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I am the son of a teenage mother and single parent who gave me two things:  her love and education, two things no one can take from me. When she married my step-father, an iron-willed US Marine, we moved to Waco, where I made wonderful life-long friends. I  returned to Fort Worth for college, where I met my beautiful wife on our first day of school and ended our undergraduate education in the same classroom. Early in 2020, we welcomed our first son into the world.


I believe that hard work is the only way to thrive in this world. During my undergraduate studies, I worked two jobs at the library's tutoring center and in the dormitories. While pursuing my first Master's, I worked at Quiktrip as an Assistant Manager and Clerk and worked as a Jiu-Jitsu martial arts instructor with the youth classes while I competed in local tournaments.

I resigned from Quiktrip to work at Alcon Laboratories while attending the University of North Texas (UNT) to pursue a second Master's degree.  I was offered the opportunity to teach at the UNT while studying, which afforded me the time to found my non-profit, Another Hand, which addresses food insecurity in North Texas.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, I was laid-off with millions of Americans. However, thanks to blessings and a greater plan than I could foresee, I was led to work at My Health My Resources (MHMR) as a Homeless Outreach Specialist providing street medicine and housing assistance to those disenfranchised in our community. 

Now, I look to Congress, where I hope to use my education and community activism experience to change the Texas 12th District.

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Progressive Change Now

As the Texas 12th District grows and slowly becomes the new center of America, we must have bold and progressive leadership that grabs the reins of the district and guides her to the highest post of the city on the hill. I support almost all progressive agendas. I believe in the need for greater accountability and transparency with elected officials for the nation to heal and citizens to keep faith in our democracy.


My Primary Goals:

Criminal Justice Reform – Reform in the criminal justice system can save the taxpayer money and effectively rehabilitate the convicted, so they return as productive members of society instead of being chained to a brutal punitive system that drains the soul and the taxpayers’ wallet. Real rehabilitation and transitional support for the convicted, so we have economically viable members of our society. We will stop the revolving door and punitive system so that the taxpayer does not lose money. We can bring in new tax revenue by bringing people back into the workforce.

Public Transportation – As cities become more congested, wasting productivity and increasing pollution, we must shift the focus and emphasis on cheap, reliable, and safe public transportation. I envision the federal government diverting funds to military contracts not to build planes and bombs to blow up buses of kids in other countries.

Accessible & Affordable Healthcare – The pandemic has shown has the healthcare gap that we have known to be growing in the past few decades. I firmly believe that if we want to see economic growth, we need to make sure our citizens can access affordable healthcare to put them back to work. I have a particular emphasis on increasing the health care options in rural towns and areas of our nation where lack of treatment leads to other avoidable health problems and deaths.

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