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Concession Announcement

Concession Announcement

After two years, last night, the people of Texas’s 12th Congressional district made their voices heard. While the results are disappointing for the Hunt campaign, I am very proud of those who worked hard in the district, Texas, and our great nation. We will be taking a hiatus until Fall 2023 when we plan to announce my run for U.S. Congress in 2024.

I decided to run for Congress because I wanted a better Texas and United States for my son. When we lost House seats in 2020, I knew I had to step up and be the change I wanted to see. We have moved the conversation forward, and I pledge to keep pushing it.

I plan to volunteer with political organizations in Tarrant County and Parker County during the interim. In my current professional role, I will work on mental health and housing for people experiencing homelessness in Tarrant. I have some initiatives to address substance abuse, and I will meet with local representatives to see how to move forward.

We in Texas did not lose at the local level because of anything particular on our part. Instead, I point to the failures of national Democrats, including two U.S. Senators. They let their self-interests divide our party, delay popular legislation, and respond poorly to inflation and border security. In 2024, vote in the General, but perhaps just as importantly, vote in the Primaries.

I want to thank Beto O'Rourke and his campaign team for their endorsement and influence on getting out the vote. Thank you to the incredible Gwenn Burud for Texas Senate 9, an inspiring candidate with a knowledgeable and helpful team, including Brody and Myra. Thank you to my friends in Parker County, who always make me feel welcome and work hard to have proper representation in the county.

There are many people I would also like to thank, and I will reach out to many of them individually. This campaign has given me deeper connections to my community and proved that the people's will is strong. I look forward to seeing you on the 2024 campaign trail!


For more information about Trey, please visit or contact

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