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Press Release: The Buffalo Mass Shooting


The Buffalo Shooting

I have been spending the past few days processing the tragedy in Buffalo. The same intent to murder Latinx people in an El Paso Walmart is the same intent to murder African Americans in a grocery store in Buffalo. Once again, a mass shooter is arrested alive while numerous people have left their families forever.

America has an average of 19 mass shootings a year. This is a norm that corporate politicians do not care about correcting. They benefit from a society tearing itself apart because of their decisions. I am running for Congress because I am tired of the fearmongering and hate rhetoric spread by my opponent's party.

The wealth inequality brought on by corporate politicians' wealthy backers has increased economic stress. They have directed the anger and frustration away from them and onto minorities using White supremacy language such as the "replacement theory." The unscientific and baseless theory suggests that minorities are attempting to replace the White majority.

We, the people, need to unite around the common goal of ending tolerance of extremism. End the hoarding of wealth and cutting of programs that create prosperous and harmonious communities. The only people that will be replaced are the current leaders.


About the Trey Hunt for Congress campaign

Trey Hunt launched his campaign following the loss of Democratic House seats in the 2020 election. Realizing the danger of a Republican-controlled House, Trey stepped up to unseat current Republican Representative Kay Granger. Trey’s priorities focus on increasing public transportation and infrastructure, criminal justice reform, and health care reform.

For more information about Trey, please visit or contact 682-966-9686

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