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Press Release: Uvalde, Texas

My heart goes out to the families of the 19 children and teachers lost in the massacre at Uvalde, Texas. It has been ten days since the mass shooting in Buffalo and nearly ten years since the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. The motives have not yet been disclosed of why the shooter targeted the elementary school in Uvalde.

However, what is known is that when the shooter turned 18, one of the first things he did was purchase two assault rifles at a local gun shop. He posted a picture of the guns on social media with the threat of “these kids better watch out.” I have heard people trying to justify or understand the motivation as the shooter was ‘mentally ill.’ I'm not convinced that there is a straightforward answer for what continues to happen again and again in this country and no other westernized country.

For decades, elected officials and their gun-producing backers have been working in collaboration to systematically spread false information about the severity of gun violence and worked to stop restrictions on gun ownership. The tragedy in Uvalde should not politicize, but it must be acknowledged for years. Those elected to lead and the rich in this country have created a culture that promotes hate, condones violence, and will ignore individual and community safety if it keeps them in power and makes them wealthy.

This November’s election is a referendum on if we want to accept this as a new norm or if we want to transform our nation, starting with legislation that ends gun violence at the source. Universal background checks for all gun sales, national red flag law, and well-funded community services that improve mental health and other compounding issues that lead to violence.


For more information about Trey, please visit HuntForCongress.ORG or contact 682-966-9686

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