"There are men in this nation today who go about over the country as apostles of fear. They tell us another war is just around the corner.

They are prophets of doom, howlers of calamity. We must – they tell

us – be afraid...We can be vigilant without being frightened. I don't

believe you are afraid. We are descendants of men and women who

have fought and won both the battles of war and the battles of peace."

-35th Texas Governor "Coke" Stevenson

There is a need for military preparedness, but the United States is the greatest military force ever to grace this earth. We no longer have to fear the McCarthyism of the impending global communist war. Even if 10% of the United States military might were taken away, all foes would be annihilated like a fly trying to fight a roaring fire. The United States must support our allies economically so they can assist in deterring and fighting our enemies. The era of the Military-Industrial Complex has ended, the beautiful birth of the Public Mass Transit era has begun.

While I agree with most of the Progressive platform, I deviate from the views on the military. Some Progressives are either unaware of how many jobs are tied to the defense sector or fail to realize the defense sector's potential to offer new services to the American people. I propose nothing new or radical; I propose military contractors repositioning as the builders of affordable renewable energy buses and trains for public transportation.

During the Second World War, “Detroit retooled factories… Ford's Willow Run plant built B-24 bombers, Chrysler built swarms of tanks, and tanks were rolling out of GM’s Cadillac factory, where some of the nation’s most luxurious cars were being built just a few years earlier” (A.J. Baime, 2020, What happened to these facilities following the conclusion of WWII? The automotive industry transitioned back into making automobiles for daily American use.

I propose a simple proposition; we utilize the facilities and ingenuity of Lockheed Martin, Bell Textron, and DynCorp International to build various public transportation vehicles. The pragmatism and innovations of these corporations will be redirected to create more efficient vehicles, reduce traffic in the growing urban areas, and connect rural Americans to job opportunities outside their towns they will no longer consider abounding due to economic pressures.

The Congressional House Appropriations Committee approved spending $485 million to fund the million-dollar VH-71 Kestrel military helicopter. Weatherford, White Settlement, Saginaw, Watauga, and many other smaller cities have minuscule public transportation despite millions being used to build helicopters that will never see wartime action. The metropolitan areas must be connected through well-funded mass transit. The DFW Metroplex consists of multiple cities and towns entitled to provide the same access and quality of transportation to their residence.

In the process of using federal assistance to build-up local public transportation, we create a service that the average American will have direct contact with and benefit from. Currently, Congressional Representatives will waste taxpayer money to buy jets that will never see military action. Then, sell the military equipment to supposed allied countries, with questionable moral compasses, for a significant loss. Congress spends our money to build vehicles American soldiers will probably never use, then lose our money in bad deals. It is outrageous!

If I am elected to Congress, I will create legislation and use your tax dollars to create a service that will benefit your community and grow your local economy. I value the safety our military brings, and I will not let those facilities be closed nor stop certain efforts in defense safety development.

Suppose the time comes when America must truly pre-pare for war. In that case, the facilities will quickly revert to their original militaristic purposes, similarly to how the automotive industry did in WWII. I will turn the Texas 12th Congressional district into the public transportation capital of the world without sacrificing national security or jobs. We will build environmentally-friendly transportation that is affordable and sold for a profit, not a loss.

When I am elected to Congress, there will be no loss of jobs. Instead, I will provide public services to promote better job opportunities. I will relieve the congestion of high traffic areas saving productivity and returning the personal time to citizens who lose it everyday bogged down on overcrowded roads. The public transportation that I will bring to the district and the nation will feature high-tech security, be safe, reliable, and affordable. The new era dawns, and the Texas 12th district will be the city on the hill that is idealized and provides to our fellow Americans.

For Inquiries please contact Celeste Pena-Hunt

(817) 900-3645

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