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We need to start fundraising NOW if we want to win!

Please help by donating to my campaign:


My name is Trey Hunt, and I am launching my campaign early to unseat Kay Granger. In 2020, Kay raised and spent over 3 million dollars. If we hope to flip the Texas 12th District, we will have to start fundraising now! I am running to get Kay's special interests and lobbyists' money out of our government. The government and politicians work for you, not just those with money. I want to support legislation that makes the government work for the people, not get caught in partisan battles. My goals: Criminal Justice Reform Affordable & Accessible Healthcare Increasing Public Transportation I am looking for support inside and outside the borders of the Texas 12th district. I hope you will consider donating to my campaign so I can help represent our shared interest in DC.


President Joe Biden has won the presidency, but his agenda is now being threatened. Republicans have signaled their unwillingness to help Joe Biden and proudly announced they would work against him. Republicans want to disrupt the rebuilding of the United States and create national instability. Republicans want former President Donald Trump to run for President again in 2024.

Kay Granger, the Congressional representative of the Texas 12th district, is a career politician going on 26 years and an opportunistic Trump alley. Granger took nearly two days to condemn the January 6th Capitol riot and has remained virtually silent on the 2nd Trump impeachment. Kay Granger is against pro-choice and wants to defund planned parenthood, Granger is against gay marriage and wants to take away LGBT rights, and she is actively working against climate change action going so far as to support the Keystone pipeline.

Trey Hunt is running in 2022 to unseat Kay Granger and throw the support of the Texas 12th district behind Biden. Trey Hunt is a social worker who helps the homeless with housing and other critical needs. He is the president and founder of a non-profit that helps feed hungry individuals and families. Hunt is staunchly against Trump and has stated he will work to stop his influence. Trey Hunt supports pro-choice legislation, he supports gay marriage and LGBT rights, and he supports a progressive climate change plan that will create a sustainable future that is economically robust.

Trey Hunt has launched his campaign early; he is looking within and beyond his TX-12th district's borders to receive all the help possible to flip the district. The success of the Biden administration and the progress of America depend on supporting candidates like Trey Hunt.

Please make a donation to Trey J. Hunt for Congress and help make our country prosperous.

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